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Floating Locket Charms

Paige and I are now offering sea glass and sea shell packs for use as charms in glass bottle and floating glass lockets, such as Origami Owl*. Sea glass colors include:  Cobalt, purple, turquoise, clear, yellow, green, brown     Sea shell colors include:  White, black, pink, orange, yellow, brown Visit our shop to see all of these available charm products! SHOP All shells and sea glass are collected from local beaches. As such, variation and imperfections may be present. No creatures were harmed while collecting. Shells pictured may not be the same as received but will be equal in quality and stated color. Extra shells are included to fill up lockets. Use tweezers to place shells in lockets and bottles. Shells are fragile. Handle with care. Lockets are NOT included in the listing price. *Origami Owl is copyright of Origami Owl LLC and is not a producer, distributor, or in any way affiliated with Shells for

New Partner

  We have decided to partner with the Coral Reef Alliance to support the reefs that make up our underwater playgrounds.   This charity gets a 95% rating on the Charity Navigator website, so we are certain that most of donations are used for conservation and not administrative purposes.   The Alliance supports research, environmentally safe ecotourism, local education, jobs, and educational programs in countries all over the world.   For more information or to support the Coral Reef Alliance, visit Seas the Day!