Happy Hallo-thank-mas!

It's that time of year again!  Happy Hallo-thank-mas!  When the trick-or-treaters start gearing up for a night of candy indulgence, the rest of the retail world spools up for the biggest shopping time of the year.

Christmas, people.  Christmas is in less than 11 weeks!

 Here at Shells for Sharks, we are getting our supplies stocked up and ready for the Christmas season.  New products are created and listed at least twice per week to keep up with demand.

What a good problem to have for a retail company; many of our new products are sold within the first week of availability!

We believe our beach-inspired and created products are so popular not only because of the quality of the gifts, but also the premise of our company.  Over the past two years, we have been able to donate many hundreds of dollars to the Coral Reef Alliance in support of ocean conservation efforts.  Our oceans take the full brunt of our modern excesses, and every little bit we can do to help is a step in the right direction.

That's why you will never find a seashell or other previously alive item in our inventory that has been harmed or destroyed for use in our products.  We use only items we've personally collected on the beach.  Items free of living creatures or plants, items that are already bleached by the sun or dried up and forgotten.  We do not take living sea urchins, starfish, sand dollars, or any other living thing and leave them in the sun to dry and bleach and die.  That's killing a living thing for our pleasure.

Nope.  Won't happen.  Never ever.  Not at Shells for Sharks.

Shells wash up on the beach empty and without a host.  Sea urchin shells land in the sand already bleached from the sun and devoid of life.  Sea fans washed up on the shore can never be replanted.  Coral, seashells, crab heads and arms, sea biscuits, etc.  They are all dead when we collect and clean them.  Something lost and forgotten, unusable, becomes an item of beauty and fancy.  Death to beauty. Something from nothing.

Thank you for supporting Shells for Sharks.  We'll keep creating, you keep buying, and the reefs will continue to gain support.

Happy Hallo-thank-mas!

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